The Field Of Education And The Area Of Serving Students With Special Needs

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1. How do you perceive the field of education changing, especially in the area of serving students with special needs? The field of education is dramatically changing at an unprecedented rate. For example, a greater percentage of students are identified with autism than in the past ten years. The general education teacher is becoming more and more aware of special needs students due to inclusionary practices and must adapt his/her curriculum to help all students achieve. This can be a roadblock for the general education teacher if the special education teacher is consistently relied on for help. The increase in the special education population is now requiring more educators to be dually certified in order to service all students in all situations.
2. What types of training or education have you received to prepare you for serving students with special needs and their families? My education began 30 years with an associate’s degree in Early Childhood. I had my first internship at a daycare/private school, where I was introduced to Daniel who was autistic. It was my first time with an autistic student and I learned a great deal by watching the head teacher work with him on a daily basis. I knew then that I wanted to be a teacher. I finished with my Elementary and Early Childhood, Bachelor’s degree in 2012. I am certified in Early Childhood N-3. Currently, I am enrolled in Wilkes University for Special Education and will finish with a Master’s degree. I am

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