The Field Of Engineering For Any Student

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Core to the understanding the field of Engineering for any student is understanding the EDP. The EDP is the hallmark multistep process that captures the essence of what engineers do in the real world, much like the scientific method captures the essence of what scientists “do” in the real world. Depending upon the source, the EDP can be noted anywhere from a 6 step process to a 12 step process that can either be represented in a cyclical or linear fashion. For the purposes of selecting a consistent model for the curriculum, the unit follows the version presented by Hynes, Dare, Milto, Rogers, & Hammer (2011), which can be observed in the figure below.
Regardless of the format used, the true purpose of the EDP is “to teach students that engineering is about organizing thoughts to improve decision making for the purpose of developing high quality solutions and/or products to problems” (Hynes, Dare, Milto, Rogers, & Hammer, 2011)
The engineering design activities that will be created will be roughly based upon the criteria for successful engineering design challenges for high school students, provided by Dr. Julia Ross: open ended, contextualized within the real world, relevant to the lives of the students, based upon the use of everyday materials as much as possible to create a functional prototype, and aligned with grade level appropriate mathematics and engineering habits of mind – specifically systems thinking, creativity, optimism, collaboration, communication, and…
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