The Field Of Health Information Technology

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The field of Health Information Technology is a fast growing field that helps providers manage their patient care in a better way and provide us with more secure healthcare information. Health Information Technology professionals are really important to this field. They specialize in information management and analytical sciences in their field in order to identify, define, manage, and communicate the data. Without them many of the advances in healthcare would not have happened and they play a major role in improving individual and population healthcare delivery.
Health Informatics is defined as a field of information science concerned with management of healthcare data and information through the application of computers and other technologies. Technology in that sense is used to generate, transport and analyze useful healthcare data. It is used as the transportation but not necessarily the destination. Applying technology into healthcare settings requires several key players such as: Physicians and nurses, Patients, Hospitals and Healthcare organizations, Support staff, Medical educators, Public health, HIT vendors, Insurance companies Federal and state governments, Medical Research.
There have been many predictions as to how Technology can be implemented into the Healthcare. Often we focus on that, and not enough on the key players who will be preforming this transition. In order to be able to develop a common understanding of Health informatics, it is required for all…
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