The Field Of Healthcare Today Is Continuing To Advance.

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The field of healthcare today is continuing to advance. The use of new emerging technologies is largely responsible for that. Healthcare professionals are able to communicate with one another and share pertinent patient information with one another faster, and easier than ever before. With the signing of legislation like the HITECH Act and the Affordable Care Act, healthcare organizations are beginning to transform the way patient information is used and stored. As healthcare pushes further toward more advanced technology the care that patients receive becomes more personalized and optimized allowing for shorter hospital stays and better care overall. But, as these new technologies are being implemented, risks to the security of patient…show more content…
The third important team member would be the pharmacy director. The pharmacy director would be responsible for making sure that medication safety is correctly implemented in the system. This person would ensure that the system works in favor of both the pharmacists and physicians and that there is a congruency throughout the process of prescribing, verifying, and administering medications. The fourth member, or members of the committee would be the super users. The super users become familiar with the new health information system and are there to provide clinical and nonclinical staff with assistance when difficulties arise. The super users are also familiar with the work flow of each department and can provide valuable feedback in terms of what is helping the work flow and what is disrupting it, allowing the committee to find ways to correct any issues that may ultimately affect the implementation of the new system. Interoperability is the ability of various systems and organizations to work together to exchange information. When healthcare information systems can work together, the care of the patient becomes easier and more effective. For example; when a nurse on the medical-surgical unit of the hospital is receiving a new patient from the emergency department they receive report from the emergency department nurse regarding the patient and the
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