The Field Of Human Resource Management Essay

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1. Executive Summary

Several studies in the field of Human Resource Management concentrate on the importance of a Human Resources Business Partner to the organisation’s performance.

The evolution of HR has led to the need to find, establish and use competitive advantage for a business to exist.

Bredin (2008) notes a shift from traditional to strategic Human Resources Management and the implications for the organisation. Ulrich (1997) suggested how Human Resource Management and the role of a Human Resources Business Partner can contribute to an organisation’s competitive advantage. Ulrich suggests that to deal with the challenges, the organisation should move away from the traditional HR approach and apply four new strategic HR roles, namely Strategic partners, Administrative Experts, Employee Champions and Change agents. This model aligns HR strategies with the organisation’s strategies. The HRBP role creates the people strategy for meeting current and future HR needs of the organisation and works to ensure that the organisation is resourced accordingly to benefit the organisation in a positive and efficient manner.

Several studies in this field outline the benefits and advantages that this option provides and the reasons as to why it is should be implemented.

The objective of this literature review is to provide a reasonable understanding regarding the various roles and structures in Human Resources. It looks at changes, barriers, challenges and the implication of
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