The Field Of Journalism And Education

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Society often refers to journalism as the fourth estate, in conjunction with the executive, judicial, and legislative branches of government. As a profession that is regarded with such an influential nickname, it is essential that the field of journalism be well equipped with professionals who possess the necessary knowledge and skills to provide society with valid and objective reporting. The skills that make up a strong journalist are thoroughly introduced and taught throughout an individual’s undergraduate studies in the department of journalism. However, the skills possessed can become better refined through furthering education and experiences. A journalist who desires to obtain a higher set of skills and more in-depth knowledge can…show more content…
The Department of Communications at CSUF offers, a program that has been “fully accredited by Accrediting Council on Education and Mass Communication,” and has certification from the Public Relations Society of America (Comm). Students who are interested in applying to this highly accredited graduate program must meet the necessary requirements to be a possible candidate. As one of the more impacted CSU’s, students hopeful for acceptance into the program at Fullerton must meet a variety of requirements. According to CSUF Department of Communications website, students applying must meet specific academic requirements including, a minimum grade point average of a 3.0 in their last 60 units of coursework, a score of 153 or higher on the Graduate Record Examination’s verbal portion, and either a background in a communication disorder or nine-units of theory based undergraduate courses (Comm). The Department of Communications also states that, a student’s application must obtain required documentation including, “a scholarly writing sample,” letters of recommendation from three individuals, and a letter written by the applicant that delineates their specific objectives, interest, and goals in pursuing a Master in Communications (Comm). These requirements will be conventionally laid out in formal application that must be filed with the
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