The Field Of Management : Henry Mintzberg ( 1971 )

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Henry Mintzberg (1971) was the first to study and document how an actual person in a managerial position operates on a daily basis. He categorized three general roles every manager possesses Interpersonal skills, Informational roles and Decisional roles, each with sub-sections of there own. He shadowed five American CEO’s studying their day-to-day activities; he discovered that the role of a manager is highly people concentrated. This essay will discuss three of the sub categories that really focus on the interaction with people Liaison, Spokesperson and Negotiator. ‘Estimates vary with the level of management, but most managers spend between two-thirds and four-fifths of their time in face-to-face communication with others’ (Williams & McWilliams 2010, p.10) The Liaison role within the field of management occurs when managers interact on an interpersonal level with people connected to the firm internally or externally. Communication and networking skills is key for a manager to hold successful and positive relationships and interactions. As the business world moves from the local market place onto the global market stage through globalization and multinational corporations emphasis has been placed on how managers are able acquire new knowledge externally and incorporate it internally and because of this multinational corporations now rely heavily on the positions of the Liaison Officer. ‘Ideally, the ILO can help facilitate this process by providing opportunities for

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