The Field Of Management Science Essay

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Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things – Peter Drucker. Open and closed organizations differ in the way they lead their employees (Simonton, 1994). Open systems refer to systems that interact with other systems or the outside environment, whereas closed systems refer to systems having relatively little interaction with other systems or the outside environment. Closed systems of organizations are closed off from the outside environment, and all interaction and knowledge is transmitted within. Closed systems can hamper growth since the flow of information stays within the system and has no chance to interact with or build on knowledge from the outer environment. Interpersonal relationships are frowned upon and the
During the nineteenth century, the labor force changed with the invention of unaided machinery and by the twentieth century Frederick Winslow Taylor became the leading theorist in Scientific Management Theory. Taylor’s theory created a revolution in the study of management and was the first scientific methods study in field of management science (Khurana, 2009). Scientific management seeks to improve an organization 's efficiency by systematically improving the efficiency of task completion by utilizing scientific, engineering, and mathematical analyses. The goal is to reduce waste, increase the process and methods of production, and create a just distribution of goods (Grimsley, 2014). Scientific management was based around the
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