The Field Of Marshal Erwin Rommel

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Field Marshal Erwin Rommel was the only German, Italian, Japanese commander in WW2 to be both, idolized by his men and immensely admired by his enemies. Winston Churchill the British prime mister in WWII described him as a great general “whose ardor and daring inflicted great disasters upon us”. When he was in charge of the Afrika Korps the opposing commander had to reassure his men that Rommel was not a “magician or superhuman.” Rommel was implicated in a plot to murder Hitler nd committed suicide. Rommel was born in Hedienham located in the Kingdom of Wurttemberg, Germany on November 15, 1891 the son of a Bavarian schoolteacher. In 1910 Rommel joined the local “ 124 Wurrtenburg Infantry Regiment as an ensign.” Soon after he enrolled in Officer School , graduating 2 years later as an lieutenant. When war was declared Rommel returned to his old regiment. During World War I he fought in Romania and France successfully employing “the tactics of infiltrating through enemy lines under cover of darkness moving forward rapidly to a flanking position to arrive at the rear, to achieve the element of surprise.” Because of Rommel’s successes he was rewarded the second most prestigious German military awarded the Iron Cross second class. In 1916 Rommel was granted a brief leave for his Marriage to Lucia Mollin. However, Rommel’s biggest successes would come in the Italian Alps in the Battel of Carpetto in which Rommel and 150 men captured 9,000 men at the cost of 6 dead and 30
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