The Field Of Mental Health Counseling

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Introduction Burnout in the field of Mental Health Counseling is a serious concern for everyone involved, whether the person is just beginning their journey, or if they are a seasoned veteran with years of experience. Unless, the person has a prevention plan in place and adds it into their busy schedule and does not stray from their commitment of their self-care program. It is easy when we get busy to skip a day here and there and the next thing you know we have not taken care of ourselves for a month or longer. Once we permit ourselves to neglect our self-care program the symptoms of burnout and begin to develop very quickly. Personally, I believe with a good self-care program, it is easier to circumvent burnout, then it is to overcome it once you are in its grips. Here are some of the things I implement into my schedule to help myself from becoming burnt out. Personal Care—Mentally, Physically, Emotionally As a student pursuing a career in the field of Mental Health Counseling, while I was attending classes in my undergraduate program self-care was a regular topic that was brought up. Over half of the professors would stress the seriousness of burnout and the need to begin a self-care program while still a student. Fortunately, prior to entering college, I unknowingly began a self-care program, a few times a week I participate in 12 step meetings. At the meetings, I have several close friends that I can talk to in confidence about anything, that helps me get
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