The Field Of Nursing And Nursing Students

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Title and Author This critic of the quantitative article has a significant relevance to the field of nursing and nursing students. This writer will review Reeve et al (2013) research article, “Perceived stress and socials support in undergraduate nursing students.” The article is published in a reputable peer review journal, Nurse Education Today and written through research conducted with Georgetown University. The article has been published with a timely manner 2013. The authors found 32 relevant resources to the subject matter logically so you are able to follow their trend of thought that led to the research question/hypothesis. The article has been cited in many other research papers to date.

The source is of primary text, the research and result add to current literature pertained in study. The title is concise and defines the focus of the research itself. Intended for scholarly reading and to the profession of nursing. The author’s qualifications are presented prior to article reading. All researchers are registered nurses which some having post graduate degrees. Four of the authors are Professors of Nursing and Human Sciences and two nursing Alumni at the Georgetown Universality .This proposes that the authors have research skills and knowledge to perform the study. There is no suggestion in the author list whether or not any of them have the statistical expertise for the study.

The articles purpose is to identify the experience of stress and use of social
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