The Field Of Organization Development

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Perhaps everything we have is a gift and inheritance from nature and one that we are not guaranteed the end. What we have life, death, enjoyment of happiness, freedom, etc are gift. If we do not manage it well, its inevitable end is not guaranteed. So, we must learn to harness, ignite, re-ignite, protect, exploit, extend and preserve our heritage. It is every person responsibility to properly apply what he or she has in ways that maximize the best of its usefulness. And the field of OD is no exception. The organization experience called development is a test of every organization? commitment to the pursuit of new learning, and knowledge. The field of Organization Development provides both challenges and possibilities for…show more content…
Inequality in OD application and strategy represents a single strategic threat to a field whose principles, values and precepts dates back to the beginning of organization civilization. Fear of OD limitation and access in organizational development is unnecessary, distractive and expensive for OD. This sentiment is the subject of one of OD earlier scholars Marvin Weisbord. In his article, ?Why Organizational Development Hasn?t Worked (So Far) in Medical Centers?, Marvin R. Weisbord made an important introspection when he argues that "medical centers lack formal characteristics of industrial firms, where OD was first recognized, tested and developed" (Weisbord, 1976). Forty years since Weisbord original lamentation, a lot has happened in OD as well the field of healthcare raising more questions than answers. Does the healthcare environment present unique characteristics different from OD traditional organization? Does the unique ?characteristics? or lack thereof in healthcare present a challenge or opportunity for Organization Development? And what does it mean for OD in the 21st Century? In order to create the organization of the future, like the proverbial phrase goes, the doctor must first ?heals itself?. To be effective and efficient in transforming the terrain of work-life, the field of organization development in healthcare must be strategic and inclined to adaptive learning, agility, ?creative destruction?, developmental
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