The Field Of Personality Psychology

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The field of personality psychology has recently uncovered evidence to suggest that people living in Western individualistic societies are becoming increasingly narcissistic (Foster, Campbell, & Twenge, 2003; Twenge & Foster, 2010). Narcissism has been linked with many socially undesirable characteristics such as grandiose sense of self worth, lack of empathy and manipulation of others. These individuals are unable to build stable relationships and often suffer from anxiety and depression. Negative interpersonal and social behaviours also arise from narcissistic traits. This paper will contribute to the current knowledge base by reviewing previous studies that have researched narcissism and its increase in Western society. It will also…show more content…
This is not to be confused with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (found in the DSM-V), which is more invasive than narcissism- affecting every facet of an individual’s life and personality. When looking to dissect and elucidate Western society, understanding narcissism is essential due to the emerging ‘narcissism epidemic’. Western culture thrives on self-appreciation; this is displayed through an increase of materialism, entitlement, violence and an obsession with being different. This can be empirically supported by an increase in plastic surgeries, larger homes, increased popularity of contestant-based reality television shows, and larger credit card debts. It is imperative to understand the rise in narcissism in Western society so as future studies may identify reversal techniques. This would result in the ability to explain and reduce causation factors for narcissism and decrease the number of unhealthy societal trends. The origin of individualistic Western society stems back to self-love and appreciation movements in the 1970’s. These movements carried through to the 1980’s and 1990’s, becoming increasingly influential on the general public. Nowadays, it is considered vital to love oneself before being able to be successful in work, relationships and life
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