The Field Of Project Management

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There are numerous books on project management, most books are generic in nature, some are catered to the IT industry, but we feel most books fail to capture the challenges faced in executing a project in the automotive industry. Another important drawback of in the current literature is the overemphasis on tools and terminologies, for example Agile, Six Sigma, PMP, Lean, rather than the essential skills needed to successfully execute the project. In this book, we hope to provide the readers, who are practitioners of project management like us, the field of project management as a risk based decision making activity driven by leadership and initiative, continuously adapting to the changing scenarios, not a merely following executing set of steps. As project managers, we frequently are faced with changing requirements, different work scenarios and difficult decisions. We narrate a story, told to one of the author (RJS) by her five year old son, which summarizes the crux of the dynamical nature of project management.
The story is titled “A List”, part of the Frog and Toad series written by Arnold Lobel in 1972. The story is about a toad and a frog, who are friends. One day, the toad creates a list of things to do, so he can execute the task at hand in a timely and orderly fashion, which we would call a project plan.
Toad starts to execute his list and everything stays on track, until the wind blows the list from his hand when was talking a walk with his friend frog, which
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