The Field Of Psychology And Its Effect On Student 's Academic, Social And Emotional Progress

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The field of psychology has only seen an increase in evidence based practice since the 1990s. This is surprising given its lengthy history in many other fields. The American Psychological Association 's (APA) division 12 Task Force is focused on empirically tested practices and ways to implement scientific research practices to the field of psychology. Evidence based practice (EBP) today is seen in many disciplines including the educational system. This was based on the notion that empirically supported interventions are highly successful; therefore, implementation in schools is essential. Evidence based practice is widely accepted and enforced in schools due to its importance in implementing changes to improve student 's academic, social and emotional progress.
EBP is the integration of the best available research with clinical expertise in the context of patient characteristics, culture, and preferences ( Evidence based intervention (EBI) involves two distinct principles. First, when implementing an intervention the dynamics should be based on empirically supported research that has shown efficacy and relevance to the student or client in the given situation. Second, to be considered EBP, after the implementation of the intervention there should be continuous monitoring and data collection to ensure that the desired or targeted effect has been attained.
Practitioners and school personnel are able to collaboratively utilize these empirically supported data to…
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