The Field Of Psychology Are Correlational, Descriptive, And Experimental Research

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1) Three main types of research in the field of psychology are correlational, descriptive, and experimental research. Correlational research focuses on seeing whether or not certain variables are connected or if there is a relationship between them, descriptive research focuses on describing specific behavior as it occurs in the environment (can be through case studies, observation, or surveys), and experimental research is when the researcher manipulates a certain variable and either control or randomizes the rest of the variables.
2) Twin studies help uncover the level of importance of both genetic and environmental influences on an individual. These studies are usually done with siblings and focus on what things have an impact on their development and separate them from each other.
3) Three complex ideas according to Locke are modes, substances, and relations. Modes are considered complex ideas because they combine simpler components to form a whole new thing that is assumed to be unable to exist without having other parts of something else. An example in the book could be murder. You cannot have murder without other components such as a culprit, an action, etc. Substances are considered complex ideas because they take a particular object or thing that could exist on its own, take a human for example, and account for the persistence and unity of the features it exhibits (movement, thought, reasoning, etc.). Last are relations, which are considered complex ideas because…
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