The Field Of Psychology Are Correlational, Descriptive, And Experimental Research

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1) Three main types of research in the field of psychology are correlational, descriptive, and experimental research. Correlational research focuses on seeing whether or not certain variables are connected or if there is a relationship between them, descriptive research focuses on describing specific behavior as it occurs in the environment (can be through case studies, observation, or surveys), and experimental research is when the researcher manipulates a certain variable and either control or randomizes the rest of the variables. 2) Twin studies help uncover the level of importance of both genetic and environmental influences on an individual. These studies are usually done with siblings and focus on what things have an impact on their…show more content…
An example could be the idea of being “stronger” or “older”. These only exist because they are in comparison to another. 4) In Mill’s position, he feels that cause and effect relationships are a given and that these relationships can not be observed due to the complexity of the world we live in. Antecedents are the cause and consequences are the effects, so to figure out what antecedent has what consequence, one must isolate the antecedents and present them methodically to observe the effects. Mill transfers this logic to free will and says that if we know someone’s complete actions and the things that usually follow those actions, we can predict their behavior. In essence, one emotion or action causes the next one. 5) Broca’s research with Legorgne (also known as Tan) was very influential and helped understand much about the part of the brain that is associated with language. When “Tan” died, Broca was able to perform an autopsy and found that he had a lesion in the left frontal lobe of the cerebral hemisphere (which is now termed Broca’s area). This discovery helped lead to the assumption that this damage was related to “Tan’s” decline in abilities. Although Broca studied other aphasiacs, “Tan” was the first and most influential. Broca’s conclusions were accepted and he was given credit because his evidence was mostly better than other researchers and the time was right for an explanation of the issue at hand. 6) Some of Darwin’s
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