The Field Of Psychology Ranks

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First let me start off by congratulating you on your terrific work. Your commitment to the field of psychology ranks amongst the best and your work has stood the test of time. I know you are unaware of the impact you will have in this field, but let me tell you that your work is still highly regarded. Your work has been used by many professionals and educators to help individuals throughout the years. Professionals have used your gestalt principles to expand their industries by creating their own logos. As the years have and continue to pass every individual have seen or used your gestalt principles even when they are not aware of it. As you left your country and came to the United States, you left behind a legacy but continued to create one in a different world. You faced a new chapter in your life when you came to the United States but it was a time where you played a great role in emerging psychology. Because of the gestalt migration was a time where the United States gained great talent. That’s where everything started and many psychologist and professionals started to know more about your work and started to engage and research more on it. Gestalt theory has been a successful theory for many years and continues its way to improvement. Your Gestalt theory, any type of illusion not just movement, has been very successful in a way that individuals see things a certain way rather than a whole. Your five principles of gestalt theory such as similarity,…
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