The Field Of Social Psychology

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Introduction When we first meet a stranger, skin pigment, and wardrobe are two significant traits, which we used to formulate a first impression. How wardrobe style and ethnicity is used in establishing impressions and creating attributions and societal class has excessive implication for understanding and stimulating prejudice and discrimination. “ The field of social psychology has a vast literature related to person perception, attribution, categorization, and impression formation” (Davis & Lennon, 1988;Gilovich, Keltner, & Nisbett, 2011). In this experiment based on a person perception we’ll examining the combination of wardrobe fashion, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status. In the Journal of Psychology: Interdisciplinary and Applied titled Categorization in first Impressions Lennon and Davis stated, “Research on clothing related to social perception, categorization, impression formation and attribution theory can be interpreted from a social cognitive perceptive“(438). Throughout the past have stood voluminous attention-grabbing reports cogitating the effect of clothing on the adjudications of strangers. Johnson, Francis, and Burns in 2007 explain when the importance of clothing and appearance emphasis variables in revealing “ a person personality” (232) and also stated that “ People purposely select different types of clothing to wear in different types of social context” (232). In the study the prediction for the result will be that the Caucasian model would be
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