The Field Of Social Work

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The field of social work has experienced an increased awareness of the need to advanced in both educational and professional development. I realize that preparation for this career actually includes a great deal of required coursework and hours of field experience. My fieldwork is central to my learning and serves as an integrative experience in which I use what was previously learned in class and apply it to my practice experience. I am currently in a very rewarding field study at the Osborne Association, Training to Work Program. Training to Work offers mentorship and opportunities to both men and women who are on work release. The program is designed to reduce the rate of recidivism and to assist participants in gaining meaningful employment and trainings. This experience requires considerable amount of meeting with participants and providing support, empowerment and advocacy. My supervisor is a central feature of my field experience as she ensures the integration and application of knowledge, theory and skill that was taught in the classroom. Each week my supervisor who is very skilled and encouraging provides a one-hour supervision session where process recordings are reviewed and any concerns or personal challenges are addressed. In addition, my strengths are also highlighted, as well as any struggles that I may appear to be having, and my adaptation to the program. My field study environment feels safe, challenged, secure and respected. Each week I have learned
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