The Field Of Sociology Is An Old But Ever Changing Systematic Study Of Human Behavior

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The field of sociology is an old but ever changing systematic study of human behaviour in a social context. Within the field of sociology, in order to create a contextual understanding of the influences that create society in which we live theories are employed to explain the forces that shape our social world. Such theories are essential in explaining emerging social phenomena such as pornification (Furze et al, 2015). Pornification of the social world has become a significant mass media issue of which continues to grow. It is not only apparent in its raw form as pornography on the internet but also in various social media feeds, in advertising , discussed in the press, and as a part of some forms of entertainment. Key concepts of this…show more content…
In essence, pornification refers to not just the self-expression of sexuality and sexual freedom, but also to the mainstreaming of pornography (Caddick, 2010) and its consequent normalisation within society (Kosut, 2012).

Due to pornography’s mainstreaming within society, pornification challenges theories of normalisation, sexuality and the role of the illicit (Mulholland, 2011) and in turn evokes concerns in relation to the development of identities, commoditisation of sexual desire, sexualisation of women and young girls, gender inequality, and violence against women with the inclusion of rape culture (Kosut, 2012). As for example; through pornification in its readily available raw form, pornography, it is implied that women in general should be valued only for their bodies due to enjoying all sexual acts. This in turn sexualises male supremacy which is believed to desensitise men and lead to the view of women being passive sexual objects and therefore the sexualisation of women and young girls as well gender inequality (Boyle, 2012). Other examples may include those that couple sexual acts with violence. Therefore, it can be said that pornification and more specifically pornography provide a fantasy situation in which violence against women and rape culture become permissible and encouraged (Boyle, 2012),
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