The Field of Child Welfare

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There are a number of scholars who have written works that have shaped and are in alignment with my own views for research in the field of child welfare. The most eminent, however, are Gary Mallon, Alma Carten, Harriet Goodman, and Manny Gonzalez, for the simple fact that these authors and researchers have fostered a number of crucial methodologies that ensure a salutary ending and beginning of a successful life for a child welfare program participant. I am determined to research how the criminal justice and foster-care systems create synergy and how both systems affect children's ability to function as adults. I have chosen to focus on child welfare because after the immediate needs of both these systems are met the lasting effects mentally impacts families. The effects of a disenfranchised family can be crippling to a young child and examining where these systems fall short in child welfare deems to be my ultimate goal. Of the general bevy of work that Mallon has produced relating to the ultimate success of child welfare programs, one of its most vital components is his research into the facilitation of junior life development skills. The ultimate goal of the foster-care system is to produces autonomous, independently functioning individuals who can successfully contribute to society despite the fact that they have lacked a number of traditional resources afforded to them by dysfunctional familial environments. The foster care system plays an integral role in helping
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