The Field of Human Resource Management

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The coordination among the various departments and teams within an organization has been carried out by the human resources management department. Human Resource Management has been able to achieve this because its professionals are better equipped and competent to understand the behaviors of employees, influence their behaviors and practices, and predict employee behavior based on the past practices.
Evolution of Human Resources Management: The field of Human Resource Management has significantly evolved in past decade and experienced a huge transformation in its form and function. The evolution of this profession has been fueled by several considerable internal and external environmental factors within the field. As a result, the profession has developed from a largely maintenance function to a source of constant competitive organization for organizations within the global market. Notably, the significant development of the field of human resources is primarily attributed to response to external forces. The dramatic transformation in the past ten years has led to an increased focus in human resource functional viability and organizational competitive advantage. One of the most evident features about the evolution of this profession in the past decade is that it has moved from a functional role to a…
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