The Field of Psychology

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Psychology is a discipline of social science that encompasses nearly every aspect of the human experience. The field of psychology addresses the entire gamut of human behavior and the complexities of emotion. Issues related to perception and cognition are included in psychological research. Neurobiology and neurophysiology also fall under the rubric of psychology. At the same time, psychology embraces less quantifiable variables in the human experience, such as emotional responses and altered states of consciousness. Because psychology is a broad field, it exhibits a great degree of overlap with other social science disciplines ranging from anthropology to business and marketing.
In addition to the diversity of subject matter studied by psychologists, there are also numerous methodological approaches to each area of psychological research. For example, addiction is a major area of psychological research. Addiction can be examined from a biological approach, a family systems approach, a behavioral approach, a cognitive approach, or a humanistic approach. These various approaches to psychological research are rooted in theoretical viewpoints. Psychological theories include behaviorism, humanism, and social learning. Moreover, the different psychological theories are not always incompatible with one another. Psychological research is made more robust and reliable because of its diversity.
The goals of psychological research tend to focus on helping people or enhancing

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