The Field of Radiology: What role do you see for yourself? Essay

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The Field of Radiology: What role do you see for yourself? The role of the radiologist is one that has undergone numerous changes over the years and continues to evolve a rapid pace. Radiologists specialize in the diagnoses of disease through obtaining and interpreting medical images. There are a number of different devices and procedures at the disposal of a radiologist to aid him or her in these diagnoses’. Some images are obtained by using x-ray or other radioactive substances, others through the use of sound waves and the body’s natural magnetism. Another sector of radiology focuses on the treatment of certain diseases using radiation (RSNA). Due to vast clinical work and correlated studies, the radiologist may additionally…show more content…
With that noted, I was inclined to learn more about it because of my love for science in general, and knowing what I know now is all due to my mentor at the hospital. My mentor is a renowned physician in the Department of Nuclear Medicine. He paved the way for me to realize that this is what I truly want for my future. Due to my mentor, I learned that the field of nuclear medicine emerged in the 1930s, when researchers began producing radioactive phosphorus in a machine called a cyclotron and using it to treat patients with blood disorders. The invention of the nuclear reactor in 1940 enabled scientists to generate nuclear substances (including those used in medicine) with far greater ease. A significant step in nuclear medicine occurred in 1946, when treatment with radioactive iodine completely stopped the spread of thyroid cancer in a patient. The earliest imaging devices were invented in the 1950s, but complex diagnostic applications were not possible until computers were integrated with these systems in the 1960s. The advent of PET and MRI technology in the 1970s transformed the field, enabling physicians to record the structure and function of virtually every organ in the body—including the brain and spleen, the gastrointestinal tract, and even developing tumors. Radiopharmaceuticals emerged as a specialized field in the 1980s, yielding the development of new radioactive

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