The Field of Social Psychology Used to Develop a Personal Theory

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The field of social psychology is diverse in character. Consequently, it may be useful to develop a personal theory of social psychology in order to improve one’s understanding of the field of social psychology. Research has demonstrated that, “...expectations of stigma can impair social and academic functioning of stigmatized persons by affecting their performance...”(Baum, Revenson & Singer, 2012, p.601). This observation lends to the idea that social psychology inherently recognizes that individuals are psychologically influenced by the contexts of the social environment in which they function. Understanding such contextualizations allows the social psychologist to devise treatment plans that more effectively address psychological issues as they arise and prior to them becoming potentially life-altering. Social psychologists examine in detail the cognitive elements of an individual which in turn influence social behavior and thus can enable the social psychologists to better assist the individual in restoring a sense of well-being and higher quality to his or her life (Yoon, Hacker, Hewitt, Abrams & Cleary, 2012). This well-being improves the overall psychological affect of the individual within the context of his or her social interactions. In this regard, this project first examines several core theories within the field of social psychology. These core theories are: observational learning theory, self-perception theory, drive theory and attribution theory.
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