The Field of Social Work and Evidence-Based-Practice

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The writings of advocates of EBP demonstrate that a shift is taking place in the social work field towards a more integrated approach where “social work is an applied, empirically grounded social and cultural science aiming at both causal explanation and interpretive understanding” (Otto & Zeigler, 2008, p. 273). Talking about the limits of RCTs they suggest that “Typically, the experimental design is not able to control for the effects of worker-client dynamics and client characteristics that are not clearly defined, understood or measurable” (Cnaan & Dichter, 2008 p. 281). They go on to say: that there is a need for some sort of feedback process where the fit between the practice needs and the effectiveness of the intervention are…show more content…
This version would open up the idea of what is “evidence and forms of dissemination to include statistical analyses, narratives, and thematic qualitative analyses, technologically sophisticated as well as profoundly simple ways of communicating through stories, metaphors, anecdotes, artistic expression, poetry, and humor” (Epstein, 2009 p. 226). A way for professional social work culture and institutional structure to further the cause of practice-research integration would be for them to embrace the contributions of both academic and practitioner-researchers alike. Then collaborations such as these would incorporate projects that are research-driven, where practitioners assist the work of researchers and practice-driven projects in which researchers act as consultants to practitioners. Institutional arrangements such as these would have the effect of empowering practitioners as “co-creators of social work knowledge rather than disempowering them by emphasizing their knowledge-building incapacities or treating them merely as guideline implementers” (Epstein, 2009 p. 227). A comparison of practice theories In this section i will be looking at theories relating to EBP and BP. In this case practice theories, sometimes called social work approaches or methods which explain how to go about doing

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