The Fiery Inferno - Original Writing

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Into the Fiery Inferno I am destruction, death, and danger. I am fierce, wild, and unpredictable. I am hot, warming, and light giving. In me there is death; in me there is new life. I am mysterious, ever changing, and beautiful. I am fire. I have been an object of curiosity forever; one minute I warm, give light, and comfort; the next I destroy, devastate, and horrify. The humans have tried to harness me and my almost endless power for their own wellbeing for millennia, and I often comply and give them a portion of my power. There are times, however, that I become bored with being contained and long to reign free. When this happens, it is very hard to stop me. I am always hungry and never satisfied, continually reaching out with…show more content…
I lingered in the coals of my burnt fuel, struggling to stay alive. I was low on fuel, and knew that if I didn’t do something quick that I would be extinguished. I looked around and noticed a pile of sticks and straw nearby. With the last reserves of my strength I flung a piece of me into the straw which, after a brief pause, ignited. I took a deep breathe of oxygen, which gave me more strength, and smiled. Finally, I was out of that horrible stone cage in which the humans had trapped me. Finally, I was free. I didn’t waste any time dawdling; I knew that any moment now the humans could sound the alarm and I would be caught and subdued. I quickly reached out, feeling my ever-changing form tickle the pile of wood nearby, and felt the wood catch. I felt another sense of accomplishment as I pulled myself into the pile of wood and started devouring it as a starving man would devour a plate of delicious food that had been set before him. With each piece of wood and particle of fuel I felt myself gaining power. Soon I had spread even further into the house and my power had grown stronger as well. I was well established now and burning fiercely. Just then one of the baker’s servants heard me hissing and crackling and came out of his room to investigate. When he saw me his eyes widened into big orbs of surprise and fear, and he ran back through the house screaming the alarm. The
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