The Fifth Avenue Art Gallery

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The Fifth Avenue Art Gallery is a premiere gallery located in Brevard Country and has operated since 1974. I visited this gallery on September 16th and liked that this gallery is open to the public and has free admission. The Fifth Avenue Art Gallery contains wonderful art that are all originals. These visual arts come in a variety of forms like painting, sculptures, crafts, and jewelry. The Fifth Avenue Art Gallery has a wide variety of art too from many different artists and a beautiful collection of many different pieces. I selected the Fifth Avenue Art Gallery because I was curious to see how other people viewed Florida through their art. Two artists in particular caught my attention, Bill McCoy and Nancy Hamlin-Vogler. Bill McCoy is a traditional oil painter that creates paintings that reflect Florida’s lifestyle and nature. His paintings are semi-realistic and capture the beauty of Florida. Bill McCoy was the president of The Artists Guild of Brevard and The Strawbridge Art League (website). Nancy Hamlin-Vogler is an artist of many talents and creates art of many different mediums like acrylic, charcoal, and mixed media. Her artwork is sporadic and spontaneous that ignites deep thought and emotion. She is an award winning artist and is a member of the St. Augustine Art Association (website). I walked around the whole gallery and look at all the different art, some art was really cool and others weren’t so much. I focused my attention on these two artists because they…

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