The Fifth Dimension By John Hick

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Throughout the world today, countless religions and belief systems are still in existence. With that being said, a major question is formed, such as: how does one go about viewing and understanding this untold number of religions and systems? In hopes of better understanding and answering this question many philosophers have spent their lives studying the overall subject of religion. John Hick, for example, studied the implications of religion as a whole. Throughout Hick’s studies, he found his main focus to be pluralism and how these religious experiences impact those involved. John Hick used his knowledge to write a novel called, “The Fifth Dimension,” which is based solely off of his research and personal thoughts which appear to focus mainly on the subject at hand. With Hick’s main theme of pluralism in place he goes on to explain in his own words what pluralism means to him. He states that all great world religions can coexist within our world today. At the heart of his pluralistic intentions, Hick describes his version on the Ultimate Reality, in which he calls “The Real.” He describes this version as the ground for religious experiences. He also believes that an individual will either end up being lead to God, or “The Real.” Hick formed this definition based specifically off of his own personal interpretations in regards to numerous religious experiences. Throughout the novel, Hick voices strong personal opinions in regards to pluralism and what he believes it
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