Essay on The Fight Against Communism

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The Fight against Communism
Why are people against Communist? J. Edgar Hoover, Sidney Hook, and William O. Douglas have written articles about their opinion relating to Communist expanding throughout our Nation. Communism is a social organization based on the ownership controlled all economic and social activities. J. Edgar Hoover, Sidney Hook, and William O. Douglas have numerous points of view on Communism. Their voices and minds reveals that Communist is not who they say they are. J. Edgar Hoover believed the spread of Communism is a tremendous threat to our nation. Day by day, the number of people enroll in the party’s membership are significant. But Hoover believes the size of the party is irrelevant. Communism spreads
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“The Communist threat inside the country has been magnified and exalted far beyond its realities”(273). Accusations have been made, irresponsible citizens are spreading fears. Multiples of suspicions had been made. Innocents are being considered as disloyalty. “Suspicion grows until only the person who loudly proclaims the orthodox view, or who, once having been a Communist, has been converted, is trustworthy” (273). Suspects are those who are unorthodox, who does not followed military policymakers. The fear has driven citizens to the folds of the orthodox. The fear was to be investigated, to lose one’s job, etc. These fears have driven many people to sorrow. These fears have effected younger generations. “This pattern of orthodoxy that is shaping our thinking has dangerous implications” (274). Douglas believes the great danger if we become victims of the orthodox school. They can limit our ability to change or alter. Douglas believes a man’s mind must be free.
These three remarkable men had left their voices for us to hear. These voices are ideas to obtain our normal ways of an American’s life. Hoover’s idea was to expose what communist was really about. Showing our nation communist is not about freedom. It is about destroying our way of life. Douglas ways of handling it is with guns and fire and our intelligence. If our nation can be cautious about orthodox, we will not fall under communism’s hands. These are
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