The Fight Against Human Trafficking

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During the Clinton Global Initiative in 2014, President Obama spoke up about the mistreatment of people through trafficking “The fight against human trafficking is one of the great human rights causes of our time” (Hagen). Even with every survivor’s breathtaking story of their abuse and of their time spent as slaves, there are still hundreds of thousands of women suffering everyday. In fact, known victims of human trafficking are disproportionately women who most commonly suffer one of two mistreatments: sexual exploitation and forced labor (Slavery and Human Trafficking). Human Trafficking is a global issue and it is up to the people and the government to stop this modern day slavery. Many of these victims are women who are forced into labor and sexual exploitation. However, through charity, federal laws, and the help of social activists, countries around the world can come together to help put an end to human trafficking. Trafficking for women primarily come in acts of sexual exploitation such as forcing women in prostitution, subjecting women to slavery and involuntary servitude, and forcing them into sexual acts for pornography. Through research and statistics we have an approximate percentage of the types of exploitation women endure during there abduction into slavery. On average, 80% of women trafficking victims endure sexual exploitation and 19% endure labor exploitation (11 Facts About Human Trafficking). In Iran, women are sold false lies of finding love and
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