The Fight Against Poverty Around The World

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One of the most important steps in the fight against poverty around the world is the creation of jobs. The most competitive and successful in this direction is the social entrepreneurship. The task of the social enterprises is to contribute to the solving of the social problems and promoting of the people 's livelihood. Social enterprises provide jobs for hundreds of thousands of people in the various fields: food production, marketing, credit, insurance, and transportation. The social enterprises open a variety of employment opportunities for the people with disabilities, marginalized groups, youth, and women. In many countries the social enterprises are working closely together with the governmental organizations, both at national and local level. Today, entrepreneurs and enterprises with social responsibility around the world receive support from the non-profit organizations, foundations, governments, and individuals. However, despite the fact that the benefits of social entrepreneurship are clear to many, there are many difficulties with its development. There is still not reached a consensus on what “social enterprise” is and who can be called a social entrepreneur. Some believe that the term “social entrepreneur” must refer only to the founding organizations, the main source of income of which is the payment of their clients. Others believe that the social entrepreneur is one who performs work on the government contracts, and still others believe the social
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