The Fight For Clean Air

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The Fight for Clean Air in Texas Public health often involves out of multiple disciplines but at its core, resides in the general interest of the health of populations. How healthy a population is, often depends on their overall environment. Poor air quality can cause undesirable health issues among individuals in sensitive portions of the population who are asthmatic, have lung disease, or even cardiovascular conditions. Especially in areas where communities are affected by the outcomes of policies that directly impact the health of individuals, their safety, and other things. These issues often stem from very similar risk factors on multiple levels regarding the individual, inter-intrapersonal, community, institutional and policy regulations. In Houston, Texas one of the current issues is air pollution. Several populations are at risk of suffering from an increase in respiratory diseases. The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) brought attention to the issue earlier this year with a four-part series of articles. They highlighted an increase in ozone levels across the city during 2015. It is suggested that this could possibly cause Houston to exceed EPA regulations. Houston and other surrounding areas in Texas need to commit to changes that can lower ozone average levels in 2016. People living in these communities are at particular risk of serious health effects due ground-level ozone and smog. There is a wealth of scientific evidence on the development of asthma,
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