The Fight For Equal Rights, Especially For Women, Has Never

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The fight for equal rights, especially for women, has never been stronger than it is in 2017. Just a few weeks ago women across the country staged a march on Washington D.C. called “The Women’s March on Washington”. This march wasn’t limited to just Washington, as 5 million participants marched in places such as New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and Seattle to express their disapproval with recently elected President Trump. This movement was the largest single-day demonstration is U.S. history but it would have never been possible without the fearlessness and determination of the women that marched nearly a hundred years before them. Without the original Women’s Rights Movement, Alice Paul and Carrie Chapman Catt, women would not have…show more content…
The end product of this convention was a signed petition compiled of 32 men and 68 women all supporting women’s rights. This convention got the ball rolling and got women motivated and excited for what was to come in the future. Around 1890 two of the most influential women’s rights groups in the National Women’s Suffrage Association and the American Women’s Suffrage Association, combined to become one organization called National Women’s Association (NAWSA). The NAWSA attracted many women from all over to help contribute to its cause to gain equality for women, but it took a giant step forward with the addition of University of Pennsylvania student Alice Paul. The film “Iron Jawed Angels” depicts the encounter of Alice Paul and the NAWSA president Carrie Chapman Catta and shows us the differences the two had in their ideas. Paul expressed her idea of fighting for constitutional amendment while Carrie and the elder activists of the group supported a state-by-state campaign. Alice also expresses her thoughts about gaining more public attention for women’s suffrage and purposes the activists seek more creative means such as a parade during the inauguration of President Woodrow Wilson. While Alice thought this was a great and innovative idea, the elder activists feared that the parade would do nothing but set their movement back as they felt it would reduce
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