The Fight For Equality By James Meredith

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Civil Rights is still as prevalent an issue today as it was fifty years ago. Civil rights is defined as “the rights of individuals to receive equal treatment and to be free from unfair treatment or discrimination in a number of settings and based on certain legally-protected characteristics (What Are Civil Rights). The fight for equality is a very tough task to accomplish. Racism (“poor treatment of or violence against people because of their race or the belief that some races of people are better than others”) has been a pressing issue in the United States for a long time now (Racism). Along the Civil Rights journey there has been many influential people that have aided toward this common goal. One of these people is James Meredith. He led an influential walk dubbed the March Against Fear. A question that can be asked is: Was the March Against Fear successful? I believe it was a successful movement because it surpassed the expectations Meredith had for the march and succeeded in the mission it set out to accomplish.
James Meredith was born on June 25, 1933 in Kosciusko, Mississippi. He grew up on a farm with his nine siblings. Where he lived he was sheltered from the racism that was occurring in the United States. His first encounter of racism was when he was traveling from Chicago to Mississippi on a train. At a train stop in Memphis, Tennessee, Meredith was directed to give up his seat and to proceed to the black area of the train. In this area he would have…
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