The Fight For Equality : The Black Power Movement

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The fight for equality is the war that has lasted for decades through the American history. The war has been fought by multiple ethnicities throughout history. The war created by African Power movement was slightly different; the fight was not only to have equal opportunities and rights as other citizens but also to attain the American dream. While the United States of America faced civils wars many years ago as a storm brewed that led to the emergence of the black movement that shocks the world by advocating for the black rights. The Black Power movement was simply a political movement that was formed in the 1960s with the intention of expressing some form of racial consciousness among all the black people in the United States. The “Black Power” slogan was symbolic in nature; some people viewed it as the threat with the intention of quelling the black power movement while others viewed it as a motto that could empower the black population (Allen, Boehm, Lewis, & Baker, 2004).
Although the black people movement as no an official movement it marked a turning point in the white-black relationship in the United States. The movement was greeted by some proactive and active forces that aimed at enabling the black people to gain total equality as their white citizens. The movement came at the time when culture was the peak of transformation in the United States and the legacy the movement left portray that form of complexity. Both the black and white had to work
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