The Fight For Freedoms : The Struggle For Freedom

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The struggle for freedom has been tough for years and even though it got better as history went on, still to this day there are many ways people struggle for freedom. There are still struggles in the work force, struggles for women such, and struggles for black men as well. Women and men in the work force are put into low paying jobs and work extra hours, but still don't receive a raise. Women are still being put under men in many different aspects. Racism is still a huge deal that goes on and is one of the longest and hardest struggles to overcome. The struggle for freedom changes due to the people and what they decide to do. If they decide to rise up and proclaim the declaration of independence, which states that all of mankind is created equally, than the struggle will change for the better, but if they decide to sit and watch as history goes on than there won't be much progress. Those who are sympathetic are often willing to struggle for freedom. Equal amount of civil rights was a huge deal to blacks and women. They will go through everything and do whatever it takes to achieve their goal. Frederick douglass once said, “if there is no struggle there can be no progress.” Those like frederick douglass are willing to put up with trials. Many times blacks have strived to achieve freedom, but failed. It took those brave people throughout history to stand up for what is right and prove to the world that things like equality will bring peace. These people had set goals they
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