The Fight For Full And Total Equality For All Of America 's Citizens

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The growth of positive development in the fight for full and total equality for all of America’s citizens has come to a grinding halt and stagnated in the contemporary period. From the time of the writing of the report by Patrick Moynihan for the call to action in making amends to the situation unfolding within the African American community, it can be said that the phenomenon described by Moynihan have not been aggressively addressed and thus have not drastically improved. African Americans, to the time of writing this paper, continue to struggle with the evils of inequality in the United States. Being born African American in the United States almost instantaneously stacks the deck against the individual for their future: their education, employment options, likelihood to become incarcerated, social status, and overall well being are statistically unfavorable to white Americans. This increasingly dire situation can be remedied with the hard work and dedication of the American people to the mission of true equality in step with swift, decisive, and impactful policy from the United States Government parallel to the legislature of the 1930’s and 1960’s. Justice for the African American community, nearly four centuries overdue, must promptly be served to correct the endlessly self-reciprocating cycle of poverty that disproportionately impacts said community. Moynihan’s report on the status of African Americans in the mid-1960’s uses a complex blend of comprehensive data from
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