The Fight For Fur Essay

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The Fight For Fur Not knowing what you could catch the next day is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Trapping has been in America as long as we became a county it was once a very profitable way of income and helped our economy thrive. Now many people are against it from personal beliefs of it being cruel to animals. Yet some people have it in their blood and it is a tradition for them making sure it will never die. Trapping is essential because it is an apart of our history, because it is humane and because it is a great population control task. According the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals under the page Cruel Wildlife Treatment. They state that any animal caught in a steel trap, the animal suffers for days on end trying to free themselves. Continuing on the same topic they again state that the animal once steps in the trap that the trap clamps down on the foot with excruciating pain with the animals sometime chewing their own paw off to free themselves. The list goes on and on about the different types of traps used and them all being inhumane causing pain and damage to the animal. I can tell you personally that this is very untrue. The article The Leg Hold Trap by Globe & Mail, out of Canada which is a very large population of trappers. This article had a piece of information saying that “The snare and the cruel Conibear trap (the Conibear can be described as a body-holding trap which can kill animals by squeezing them to death)”. After this…

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