The Fight For Racial Equality

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Throughout American history, the fight for racial equality amongst society has had it’s ups and downs especially during the Civil Rights Movement. John Lewis, a civil rights leader, delivered “Speech at the March on Washington” in occurred during the 1960s America where racial discrimination was at it’s highest. This mostly caught the attention of the younger generation of the 1960s and the black community, which had a more vigilant tone. Lewis’ purpose for this speech is to inform the American citizens that African Americans want reform to protect themselves from harm. Lewis’ main claims he wanted his speech to symbolize is that all races should have the right to hold equal laws and freedom like any other white citizen had. John Lewis…show more content…
Lewis, however, highlights these people whose lives will be greatly affected by decisions about and fights for civil rights so that those who are marching remember that the fight continues and has real consequences. Therefore, Lewis’ remarks in the first paragraph demonstrate that he identifies with the concerns of grassroots activists across the country who could not attend the march, and he explains that he has doubts about this march doing enough if the movement does not focus more on the grassroots efforts of its members. (Mrs.Pruden) John Lewis defends the Civil Rights Bill, but as he goes on, Lewis states that until any course of action is taken towards the bill, it would not be much help to the African American community and would not protect the innocent citizens who are victims of the police state. For instance, in the text, Lewis believes that the bill is not going to fulfill the needs and safety of the black community, in which he states “in its present form, this bill will not protect the citizens of Danville, Virginia, who must live in constant fear of a police state” (para 2). That is to say, Lewis feels that the bill that was presented to them, even though they still advocated it, will not be enough to secure the black citizen and need to
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