The Fight For Success And Supremacy

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Within that last flicker hitting 270 electoral votes, our new and prosperous, presidential candidate, has been chosen to become our 45th president. Among the upcoming 2016 election, there holds to be no question that the Democratic party shall claim victory. Throughout establishing concrete, precise, and well-developed reasoning, democrats hold a more justifiable trust to guiding America. However, the predicament comes to be which democratic candidate, can lead America to drift back into the "superpower" title, that they had once been privileged to be called. A time, where the United States was upholding the title as the most extensive, well-establish, and on-going economy, in which, increased the dependencies of other nations towards them. Nevertheless, the only democratic candidate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, that would join us in the fight for success and supremacy is Bernie Sanders. How can this be possible? Bernie Sanders has been implementing conclusive plans, within legal immigration, tax reforms, health care, and national security/terrorism regulations. Within Sanders ' legal immigration stance, pleads how long-term staying individuals, shall be allowed to receive their documents without having a criminal record. An act so well justifiable that only makes Sanders closer to the potential of being our next president. In addition, Sanders ' tax reform promotes the improvements to be made to the majority class, the middle-class. In the window peek of tax
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