The Fight For The Fair Treatment And Equal Rights

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Whenever human rights is brought into question, may it be locally or internationally, It is very common for people to point out their lack of equal rights in order to further explain how they are being robbed of some naturally given right(s). Those who point out rights and the lack of them are using it to argue for justice. Today, equal rights are adamantly fought for by people from all walks of life. If we look at the United States of America, we can see that, the inequality that people point to is a result of actions that took place many years ago and actions that are being taken today. May it be modern day slavery, institutionalized racism or the mistreatment and alienation of women in the American society; people are continuing the fight for the fair treatment and equal rights for various groups. In our studies in class we focused on several thinkers who, despite all fighting for some sort of justice, had very clear differences. Each of these thinkers identified that some group or groups were being denied equal rights. They argued that these groups were being deliberately denied of equal rights by the ruling elite and because of that, they saw it an injustice. The first group of thinkers, Dubois, Fanon, Gandhi and Martin Luther King, presented arguments on justice in hopes of the liberation of ethnic groups. Despite these thinkers fighting for different people, there isn’t much question on if they were activists. Dubois and Martin Luther king both fought for the rights
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