The Fight For Women By Charlotte Butler

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The Fight for Women
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The British Parliament 's passing of the Contagious Disease Acts in 1866 resulted in Josephine Butler writing a letter to the International Convention of Women in Washington. The purpose of the act was to reduce prostitution and sexually transmitted diseases, specifically occurring within the military forces. Butler’s letter included topics, arguments, and political issues women had to work on even though they were not given the right to vote or engage in politics. Butler starts her letter talking to the ladies of the Ladies National Association which was assembled in 1869, their goal is to repeal the Acts of Parliament on 1866-69. She apologizes for her absence at the meeting but her friend Mrs. Steward was able to attend and be the voice of Butler in the lack of her presence. Butler suggested the committee needed to elect a delegate who had shown great work in the field and for her Mrs. Steward was the lady for this position. She had done work not only in England but also Belgium when English-girls were being bought, stolen, and destroyed under the State-protected vice. Butler explains that there are not many of the original women left, she says, “There is now a crowd of younger workers who are bravely preaching the purity crusade and doing excellent vigilance work; while there are few of the veteran 's left who inaugurated in 1869 the fierce contest with our Government, the House of Lords and Commons, the Medical Boards, the Press,
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