The Fight Of American Independence Was Not One In Just

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The fight of American independence was not one in just one war. It took two major wars over the course of almost forty years for America to finally be free of the superpower that was Great Britain. The two wars for the independence of the United States of America, the American Revolution and The War of 1812, were both fought here on the home front of America. The United States being the underdog, emerged victorious through both wars. These wars though were not without purpose. Both had their own set cause and effect events leading up to the start of each one. The first of these two conflicts were the American Revolution. This war was by far the hardest of the two to fight due to the lack of resources and coordination within the colonies.…show more content…
This historical event known as the Boston Tea Party, did not leave Britain very happy. In response to the acts of the Boston colonists, Britain passed what is known to the colonist as the Intolerable Acts, which essentially put a blockade on Boston Harbor. In the process of being taxed without representation, the American colonist argued that the voice of the colonist should be heard and they should have a chance to represent themselves. This was a very influential part later in the creation of a new government for the United States. The people of the new country would want a say in what their government does. With this decision, the option for a parliamentary monarchy would be thrown out the door and the United States would then have to adopt a new form of government. As tension in the colonies grew, British troops started to show more military force on the colonist. The British troops would conduct night raids, looking for any colonist that were out and preforming any suspicious activities. On the night of April 19, 1775 British troops went out on one of these night raids at both Lexington and Concord. The colonists were aware the British were on their way due to spies, so the British had lost the element of surprise. The colonist and the British troops exchanged fire at both locations and there were casualties on both sides.
The British ended up leaving both locations and went back to Boston. Unfortunately for them though,

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