The Fight Over Assisted Suicide

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Over the last thirty years the fight over assisted suicide has earned a spot in the national spotlight, for both positive and negative reasons depending on your stance on the issue. There have been challenges made based off the constitution, the right to privacy and moral reasons for both sides. While there have been many notable persons of interest during this time some have helped the cause as others have hindered progress.
There have been attempts to challenge physician assisted suicide based off the Fourteenth amendment of the constitution and the Due Process Clause. Those in favor have argued that in not allowing people access to physician assisted suicide is a violation of the Due Process Clause which was heard during the case of Cruzan v. Director, Missouri Department of Health in which the Supreme Court ruled it was the patients right to refuse medical treatment, even if refusal would lead to death (Cruzan v. Director, MHD). The Supreme Court also heard the case of Washington v. Glucksberg in 1997 during which time there were four physicians arguing that Washington’s assisted suicide ban was unconstitutional because it violated the Fourteenth Amendments Due Process Clause by placing undue burden of the liberty. The case was being arguing on behalf of four terminally ill patients. It was ruled by the Supreme Court at that time that assisted suicide is not a “right” under the fundamental liberties of the amendment (Washington v. Glucksberg). The Supreme Court also

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