The Fight Over Gun Control Essay

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The fight over gun control in America has been an open-ended, heavily argued and very controversial issue in U.S. government for years. Although the pro-gun argument is reasonable, it treads a fine line of violating American individuals second amendment right to bear arms. Pro-gun government believes that stricter gun control laws will decrease the number of violent crimes committed in America, as well as prevent the access of guns to criminals and those who intend to do harm with them (Kleck, G., 2009). There is no solid proof that has been presented that offers substantial evidence that stricter gun control laws will have any significant impact or decrease on crime in America.
During the Revolutionary War the use of firearms played a significant role in the fight for independence for the British (Second Amendment, 2010). For centuries before and after the Revolution, guns were used for means of survival. They were used to provide food as well as income, but they were also used for protection. Although times have changed since then, many individuals still own firearms as a means of self-defense. Crime in the 21st century has become an entity of a whole different level. Americans live in a time where terrorist attacks and mass shootings against innocent children and civilians have become a very sad reality in American life. It has become easier for some in society and government to blame the actions of these violent, radical, and seriously troubled individuals on the
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