The Fight for Education in Taliban-Stricken Countries

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The Fight for Education in Taliban-Stricken Countries On September 11, 2001 Al Qaida operatives took control of four airplanes that would kill more than a thousand innocent Americans souls. This attack on American soil will be forever remembered. When the World Trade Center towers crumbled, the Pentagon was on fire, and when an airplane plunged into an empty field, the war on terrorism was declared. The investigation to find the people responsible for these attacks led the U.S forces to Afghanistan. At the time an Islamic fundamentalist group, the Taliban, was governing the country that allegedly offered safe haven to terrorist groups including Al Qaida. That same year, the Taliban was ousted by an American-led invasion in Afghanistan, which in turn put a magnifying glass on the severe social restrictions that were inflicted on the Afghan people and also on the Pakistani people living near the border. Women especially were and continue to be treated in a despicable manner and punished severely for minor infractions like having uncovered ankles. It is a totalitarian regime that has banned education for girls over the age of ten and has hindered an individual’s freedom. Although the Taliban forbids girl’s education among other things, the stories of exceptionally brave young women motivate parents to challenge this Islamic law. It will likely take a lot of time and effort in the coming years for women to be considered first class citizens in any Islamic republic. After the

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