The Fight for Gay Marriage

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Over the past several years the homosexual community has made great strides in attempting to justify their right to legally join in matrimony. Society as a whole has come a long way in becoming more tolerant and acknowledging of same sex partners and their choices to form families. Given our first amendment right to freedom of speech, there are plenty of sentiments regarding whether or not laws should be ratified permitting these male or female partners to have the legal right to marry. There are numerous of current trends that provide absolute support to the homosexual community with hopes of increasing the level of tolerance. In addition, the great economic advantages that have come about from same-sex marriages in supporting states, has…show more content…
Many cities across the country have put pressure on state capitals to approve same-sex marriage laws strictly based on the financial benefits that a city or state could reap from it. According To Bloomberg Financial, The City of New York privileged a $259 Million dollar boast in economic benefits from same-sex marriages that occurred in the first full year since the law was passed allowing the practice in New York State. Other states have enjoyed the financial benefits of allowing same-sex marriages by attracting couples from states that allow this type of marriages while their particular state does not allow the marriage but instead recognizes it as a legal marriage. For every marriage that occurs within a city or state that has since legalized gay marriage, hundreds of thousands of dollars trickle down to countless businesses that localities benefit from. A recent study by the Williams Institute at UCLA in California estimated the same-sex weddings would bring in over $166 million for Maine, Maryland & Washington over the next three years. From churches to event halls, bakeries, limo services, photographers & florists. Gay marriage can even be compared to cities and states vying to hold major events like the Super Bowl or Political Conventions. The amount of added revenue in taxes and for local businesses greatly boosts jobs and growth that is hard to simply
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