The Fighting Of The Taliban Essay

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Growing up as a female in Afghanistan in the 1900’s was extremely hard being that the Taliban had then taken over and emerged as a political force and began to establish order. Women were equivalent to slaves, they were denied education, and they were financially dependent, where they couldn’t make money of their own. Prior to the fall of the Taliban in Afghanistan women truly suffered. While Afghanistan were under the Taliban they had one of the worst human rights records in the world. The government systematically denied the most basic individual rights. The Taliban closed the women’s university and forced practically all women to quit their jobs. Women were also denied medical assistance, enforced a highly restrictive dress code and limited the ability if women to move about the city. The Taliban first became prominent in 199 and took over the Afghan capital, Kabul in 1994 where Jamila Afghani is from. Unlike her sister Jamila Afghani was allowed to go to school. ONLY because her doctor suggested it. At a young age, Jamila suffered from polio which affected the left side of her body, which then led her into depression. The doctor thought that school would distract her from her problems and it did, but her family wasn’t too happy about that. They looked at her as a disgrace. This eventually led to her not going to school anymore. Jamila family didn’t want to be the family that the village didn’t like. But, yet Jamila didn’t give up on her hope of one day being educated.
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