The Filipino Youth

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Reaction Paper: “To the Filipino Youth” and Today’s Youth
“To the Filipino Youth” by Dr. Jose P. Rizal:
The poem “To the Filipino Youth” by Dr. Jose Rizal is a message primarily to tell the importance of one’s love and appreciation to his dialect or language, for it is the bridge and intermediary connecting people’s country to each other.
In the poem, Rizal praised the rising generation. This poem can be considered as Rizal’s first testimony and presentation of his nationalism. In this literary piece, he clearly referred to the Philippines as his home/motherland, Rizal thought in the poem relates to the role of the youth with the nation building.
Dr. Jose Rizal composed the poem “To the Filipino Youth,” dedicating to the youth of the
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I must admit, the youth of today are out of control, they follow the wrong path/crowd just for their pleasure, leisure and popularity. What is worse with the situation is the youth that are the most out of control are the individuals living in poverty, majority of these individual rob and kill people, most of them living in the wrong path of drugs and liquors and most of them involving themselves into parenting at a very young age. Maybe because they feel they don’t have anything, downing them to thinking when you don’t have anything there is nothing to lose.
We, the youth, with regards with facing the problems we have today should be done by a centered and powerful guidance, providing activities that will make us realize the real essence of being a youth and of course the teaching of what is really right and what is really essential and precious with our nation. We must motivate our co-youth; we must teach everyone the significance of responsibility and the purpose of goal setting. Because if we refuse to have everything settled, we will soon be supporting an entire generation of homeless and needlessly families of our nation. I believe everything bad is not constant, everything worthless is obviously helpless; things have to change, with our schools, with the older generation setting as good role models, with the older generation setting as strict mentors and with the older generation setting as ideal leaders.
We must all
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